Charities we Support

There are many causes and our hearts go out to all those that suffer.  Our family has been specifically involved with these two organizations. I encourage you to donate and be blessed!  Dawn Photography will donate 5% of all profits to each organization. 

JDRF  (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation) 

 International China Concern

Our oldest son was diagnosed with Diabetes Type I when he was just 11 years old.  His life is filled with daily uncertainty and trials that most have no idea about.  We would love to see him thrive instead of just survive.  You can click on the link below to learn more about his story and donate !
 ( I Picture a Cure)

click on the below link

The other organization is called International China Concern. We adopted our beautiful daughter from China in 2010. This organization is responsible for her being alive. They provide complete care for the abandoned and disabled children in several orphanages in China. We are forever indebted to them for our beautiful daughter. Please help an orphan today!

Click on the below link